Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Graduation day and Leaning In

Woaaah, how time flies. Yes, June was busy. What happened? well, its personal stuff, but all happy: I have a high school grad in the family now!

I've decided to go ahead and write a post about graduation day, mostly because it has been an impressive day. Anna has been attending Sequoia High School in Redwood City since our arrival in the Bay Area (sounds forever, but it is only 2 years!). It is one of the largest public high schools, and the oldest on the Peninsula; I have always been a strong advocate of the solidity of public education (when done right); we have chosen where to live based on the proximity of Sequoia and on the type of education this school offers - at the same time the option of an International Baccalaureat diploma (for free!), and the cultural experience of a large school, exposure to difference, strong support of equal opportunities.

Graduation at Sequoia is a big affair, as every year 400 new grads are ready to move on with their lives, to college for most. Some are the first grads in their families, more grads will be the first to attend college. 400 grads means a football stadium full of hope, cheering families (under a blasting sun), and a ceremony lasting a half-day. Not easy to find good speakers who will be willing to be present for the whole event...

Well. This year, Sequoia HS didn't even have to look for a speaker, because Ms. Sheryl Sandberg's office called asking if a speaker would be welcome. A strong advocate of education, supporting public high schools and their diversity, Ms. Sandberg offered freely her time, and not only delivered an interesting speech (you can listen in here about it), but also insisted to shake the hand of every grad. It is a cool grad pic if you ask me:

Some pictures about Ms. Sandberg's intervention at Sequoia HS are also available on the Lean In group on - you guessed - Facebook.

So, now that June and graduations are over, summer is starting, and we go on - and of course, Ms. Sandberg, we are ready to lean in.

What would you do if YOU weren't afraid? please add your comments.