Sunday, May 19, 2013

High heels and SAP

I confess having been to many SAPPHIREs, in the last 23 years - by no means to all, but enough to spot something very different. During last week at the Orlando event at the megalomanic Convention Center (it could literally host a whole city, and it did with 20'000 participants), I've seen an unusual booth. If you were there as well, perhaps you've noticed it: named Lucia+Daniel, it looked and felt like a fun high-end boutique in Milano. But you could not purchase anything - rather, it was showcasing MyRunway app - an SAP solution offering enterprises to engage with consumers in innovative ways, leveraging new powerful analytics and data extractions on HANA cloud.

It looked to me like a consumer oriented app. And then, Layla Sabourian took me for a tour, explaining how retailers and brands can build a personal relationship with their customers, leveraging the information gained from real-time customer insight, generating customer loyalty. 

Available on both Android and IPhone, MyRunway allows you to select favorite brands, view items from the latest collection, select favorites, create a shareable collage of items, wishlisting specific items, adding from your own wardrobe, and verifying where is the closest brand sale point. In a world where 25% of consumers rely on their mobile phone to visit retailers, consumers are buying differently and retailers must sell differently.

Imagine selecting a brand, and being presented a set of items that will appeal to you, part of the most recent collection. With a flick of the finger, your favorite shoes are added to your wishlist, and the available sizes and colors appear. Imagine being able to locate the closest stores where to buy those shoes... being able to choose between walking to the store, or buying online. Or, to be automatically informed of upcoming sales... So you can decide to wait a bit, and see if the price gets a bit closer to the budget. :)

The concept might appear similar to Pinterest, but there are a couple of fundamental differences. To start with, out goes the the frustration of not being able to locate where the item is available, or if it is available at all. On Pinterest, in many cases the pictures refer to old items, that cannot be procured anymore; links are broken, and in most cases the prospective buyer is frustrated, and the reseller doesn't makes a sale. MyRunway provides a direct access to the sale channel, integrated to the retail system. 

Building a community of users through the app, I can go look for the wishlist of my friend with an upcoming birthday, and buy or mail order something for her - being sure that she will be thrilled with her present! NO STRESS. Imagine doing something like this, for all birthdays, events, parties - why not for hen nights, baby or wedding showers?

MyRunway also offers gamification opportunities, and I love that part.  You REALLY don't want to miss out on these.... points are won by checking in your favorite shopping places, or by selecting items on your wishlist. Fun, no?  

So, what are you waiting for trying it? Download the app from ITune or GooglePlay, and go shopping.... It will not cost you a penny unless you fall in love with an item and go buy it :) and that is the best time!

And after you download it, look me up. I am Chiara on the app, as I am in the real world.