Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where is the picture????

This isn't meant to be a travel blog, so I am refraining from nostalgic waxing over locations where I have been or I want to go, but having been asked several times where is the blog's forefront picture taken, I realize that I have been inflicting on you a picture without sharing a location.

It was a stunning day in the Lavaux, overlooking lake Geneva. Niched up on the corniche, there is a little wine bar (locally known as a "caveau"), dedicated to Corto Maltese - the cartoon creation by Hugo Pratt.

What is remarquable of this place? so many things. The view of course; the approach to the wine bar, more a community of small wine producers getting together to give a better access to little-known wines, helping each other in the process. The sense of a community you get, when after a handful of times you stop by, you are on a first-name basis with everybody. Looking at the picture, I feel home. Priceless.

Here is another picture from the same area - the Swiss Lavaux is an amazing source of stunning pictures.

For more information
It is in French, but if you ask me nicely, I'll be happy to translate it for you!

...and if you ever head out to the area, drop me a note...