Thursday, March 7, 2013

Social medias and personality

We all live multiple lives, as a child, as a teen, as a grown up, as a student, as a family person. Reinventing ourselves is a required skill, and the more we apply it, the more we become proficient in it, the more change - when it comes our way - is not disruptive but constructive. Sometimes opportunities will generate change, and sometimes change will generate opportunities.

Something I love about our social media-connected world is how it is full of AH-HA! moments, at the least expected times and situations. Exactly this happened to me this morning, and for once, it is totally un-related to my daily work, or to my normal occupations in my daily life (mostly drab and boring). Rather it came as a reminder of other times and other passions in some of my previous lives...

While leafing (I love applying old words to new activities, forcing the language to adapt and morph) through Pinterest, I came across a post about ARCHETIZER. The specific Norman Foster's showcased project is IMHO quite stunning, but the website itself is a great time-waster. I would have loved it years back, while studying, living, breathing, reading architecture in College.

Spending some time on it this morning not only brought up some wonderful memories (made even sweeter by the time passed, as the inevitable stress at the end of each project is blurred as a cathartic moment), but it allowed me to feel more complete, by patching together several passions from present and past.